Hot Air Balloon Tours In Temecula, CA

temecula hot air balloon tours

Temecula is home to some of the region’s most beautiful sights. It has inspiring colors, heavenly weather, and a backdrop for the ages. Cielo Balloons provides all-encompassing tours in the sky for up to 12 people serving Temecula, CA, and its surrounding areas.

Reasons to Book Hot Air Balloon Tours in Temecula

 Enjoy an experience that is going to be unforgettable when you hop in. If you are looking for a thrill-seeking adventure with something memorable to do, it doesn’t get better than what Cielo Balloons have to offer.

Gorgeous Sightseeing

It starts with gorgeous sightseeing in the state’s wine country.  The delightful vineyards will stroll by as you are floating in the sky. The luscious greens, open fields, and gorgeous weather are going to be mesmerizing as soon as you get into the hot air balloon. This is a tour that is going to let you uniquely see Temecula. As you pass the different parts of the region, you will begin to see the intricacies that make it such a motivating place to be.

Perfect for Your Big Day

Thinking about putting together a birthday party or a wedding anniversary? It doesn’t get better than taking your loved one on a hot air balloon tour. This is an experience they are going to enjoy to the fullest while getting to do something unique.

Everything is tailored to meet your needs including how the day is planned and how it comes together. The team will take care of it all including how the hot air balloon tour unfolds. This is the beauty of choosing a tour that is customized based on what you love.

Memorable Sunrise

When it is time to book a hot air balloon tour with our Cielo Balloon team, a time will be set based on the sunrise in Temecula.

The hot air balloons start at sunrise to allow you to see the sun come up. It is a sight to behold and one you are not going to forget easily. It will continue to live on in your heart for decades to come and that’s what makes these hot air balloon tours magical. The tour is going to last between 45 to 180 minutes allowing you to soak in the beauty around you. Whether it is with your immediate family or a big group of 12, the experience is going to bring a smile to your face.

Hot Air Balloon Tour With Family & Friends

There is nothing better than getting to share this experience with those you love the most. Cielo Balloons understands the importance of getting an entire group to enjoy the moment together. For this to happen, the service offers access to different types of hot air balloons. For those with a larger group, there is a bigger hot air balloon made available. This makes it easy to host a birthday party on a hot air balloon creating a moment that is unlike any other.

Calm Conditions

The hot air balloon tour is completed during the calmest time of the day. This is done to ensure the sole focus is on the surroundings and being able to take in everything that’s happening. For those wanting the ultimate hot air balloon tour, it is this experience that will blow you away.

When it comes to soaring up above, a hot air balloon encompasses everything magical about flight. It’s an authentic experience that is second to none for those wanting to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Temecula.

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Whether it’s the delightful sunrise or the greenery, there’s always something to look out for while in the sky. If you want to book a hot air balloon, Contact Cielo Balloons, Temecula at 951-541-6638.